When to See Our Dentist in Reno, NV for a Dental Emergency - Atencio Dentistry

When you are experiencing tooth pain, whether from a cavity, a cracked tooth or a lost filling, putting off seeing a dentist can often cause your condition to worsen. You can experience complications, including infection or increased damage to your tooth. It’s always better to see a dentist sooner rather than later in the event of a dental emergency – but how do you know when to give our dentist in Reno, NV a call? 

Matters of Emergency

Chipped Tooth – If you have a fractured or broken tooth, it’s best to see our dentist as soon as possible. Whether it occurs from playing sports, a traumatic event, or just horsing around, a chipped, cracked or broken tooth is a common dental emergency and should be taken seriously.

Oral Infection – If you are experiencing any type of oral infection, it’s important to call our office immediately, especially if your mouth begins to swell. An infection that makes it hard for you to breathe, swallow or sleep should not be overlooked or put off as it may lead to even bigger emergencies. Infections, like a dental abscess, can occur from an untreated cavity, old dental work, or some type of injury. Our dentist will drain the abscess and you might need a root canal or antibiotics. In more serious situations, the tooth may need to be pulled. 

Losing a Dental Crown or Filling – If this happens, see our dentist as soon as possible as it can lead to further tooth decay or cause your tooth to shift. If you can’t get to our dental office right away, there are temporary over-the-counter dental fillings and orthodontic wax you can use. Avoid using the tooth and remember, that it is temporary and not a permanent fix. 

Contact Our Dentist in Reno, NV Today In the Event of a Dental Emergency!

For more information or in the event of a dental emergency, call us at 775-298-6108 immediately for help. We will see you in our office as soon as possible to provide you with expert care and get your smile back to it’s happy, healthy state.