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Unlock Your Radiant Smile with Bioclear

Restorative Dentistry with  Natural Results

We are proud providers of Bioclear, a revolutionary approach to cosmetic dentistry. Bioclear utilizes innovative techniques and materials to enhance your smile with stunning, natural-looking results. Unlike traditional methods, Bioclear focuses on preserving tooth structure while effectively addressing a wide range of dental imperfections. Whether you're seeking to repair chips, close gaps, or rejuvenate discolored teeth, Bioclear offers a minimally invasive solution that prioritizes both aesthetics and function. Join us on a journey to unlock the full potential of your smile with Bioclear.

A Perfect Fit:
Bioclear + Atencio Family Dentistry

Dr. Atencio's passion for continuing his  education, paired with his commitment to providing transparent, honest guidance to his patients made Bioclear a clear fit for our practice. With extensive training in both Core and Advanced Anterior (front teeth) and Posterior (back teeth) techniques, he possesses a wealth of expertise in restorative dentistry. Dr. Atencio excels in implementing minimally invasive approaches, prioritizing the preservation of natural tooth structure while delivering patient-centered care. His passion for staying abreast of the latest advancements ensures that patients receive the most effective and personalized treatments available.

How (and why) Bioclear Works

The Bioclear Method is an approach to cosmetic and restorative dentistry that is used in lieu of traditional fillings, bonding, or veneers.

Dentistry Elevated by Engineering: Unlike traditional fillings that create tension joints within the tooth, potentially leading to fracturing, Bioclear restorations rely on compression and envelop the tooth. Dentists trained in the Bioclear method grasp the crucial distinction between compression and tension. This understanding empowers them to adeptly rejuvenate cracked teeth, often without resorting to root canals or crowns.

With clear anatomic Bioclear forms and injection molded composite, we can enhance your smile, seamlessly matching the shade of your teeth for a natural look. These forms sit below the gumline, enabling your teeth to emerge naturally. After removal, they leave behind a solid structure that's both aesthetically pleasing and fully functional, just like your natural tooth.

Perfect Candidates for Bioclear: Cases We Love to Treat

Black Triangle

30% of adults have black triangles, clinically known as open gingival embrasures. This is often due to bone loss and recession of the gum line, and sometimes due to movement in the teeth. Dark spaces age the smile and accumulate food debris, encouraging excessive plaque build-up. In cases where the enamel is perfectly healthy, these needn’t be masked with porcelain veneers. Bioclear is a perfect treatment for closing black triangles, improving aesthetic  and overall oral health.

Smile Regeneration

Everyone’s smile changes over time.  If your teeth  have become worn, discolored, cracked, or chipped, we can restore the youthful look and feel of your smile with Bioclear. Bioclear is an additive procedure; we add composite to reverse signs of aging in your smile. Bioclear treated teeth are full, smooth, and perfectly color matched for natural results.

Diastema (Gaps)

Though a diastema ( gap between teeth)  is considered harmless, meaning it rarely affects dental health, some people want to close the gaps in their smile. The tight contacts achieved with the Bioclear  technique allows the gum in-between the teeth (papilla) to be hugged back into place, revealing a healthy and youthful smile.

Peg Laterals

Another common concern among patients can be undersized laterals or peg laterals. This is where the tooth has not grown to its full capacity making the smile line look uneven. Due to the excellent quality of shaded composite materials coupled with the Bioclear Method, these teeth can be built up to reveal an aesthetically symmetrical smile.

Also treats:

Old silver & white fillings that are rough, stained, or have decay around the edges
Cracked, chipped, or broken teeth
Root canal teeth


Bioclear offers a more natural appearance than traditional crowns and veneers, thanks to its anatomically shaped matrices and meticulous polishing process. While even the latest composites can appear grainy or matte compared to natural teeth, Bioclear achieves a slightly translucent, reflective quality. After application and hardening, the composites are wet-polished with a special slurry, maintaining restoration integrity by controlling temperature. The polishing mix, made of safe, food-grade pumice, results in an exceptionally smooth surface that feels natural and looks stunning.

Our Consultation Process: What’s next?


Your journey with Bioclear begins with an initial consultation led by Dr. Atencio. This time allows you to express any concerns you may have about your smile while also delving into your dental history. From there, Dr. Atencio crafts a personalized treatment plan tailored to your desired outcomes.


To comprehensively assess the current health and structure of your smile, we employ cutting-edge technology, including x-rays and a 3D iTero scan. Additionally, with your consent, we capture before-case photos to document your progress.


The duration of treatment varies depending on the complexity of your case and the number of teeth involved, ranging from 1-2 hours for a single tooth to several hours for a complete smile restoration. Throughout the process, your comfort remains our utmost priority, ensuring a painless treatment experience.

Bioclear Frequently Asked Questions

No, Bioclear is not covered by insurance.
While Bioclear restorations are durable and long-lasting, they may require maintenance over time, just like natural teeth. With proper oral hygiene and regular dental check-ups, Bioclear can provide lasting results that enhance your smile for years to come.
Bioclear is an additive procedure. There is an adjustment period for some people when their teeth regain their youthful volume. Your teeth may temporarily feel slightly thicker than before. That said, patients often remark that the teeth feel smoother and stronger with Bioclear. And they’ll look fantastic.
Bioclear is a versatile treatment option suitable for many patients. However, its suitability depends on individual factors such as the extent of dental issues, overall oral health, and treatment goals. A consultation with a Bioclear-trained dentist can help determine if Bioclear is the right option for you.
Unlike traditional methods, which often require extensive tooth reduction and can result in bulky restorations, Bioclear utilizes minimally invasive techniques. It preserves more of the natural tooth structure while providing durable and aesthetically pleasing results.

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