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Your Premier Sedation Dentist in Carson City, Nevada

If you see your next dental appointment on your calendar and simply dread its arrival, you’re not alone. Feeling anxious about visiting the dentist is entirely normal. About 36% of people have some level of dental anxiety. At Atencio Dentistry, we understand that nervousness can be a barrier to receiving essential dental care. However, we're here to reassure you that you're not alone in your apprehensions. 

Located in Carson City, NV, our practice is dedicated to providing a comfortable and stress-free experience for all our patients. With state-of-the-art sedation dentistry techniques, we can help alleviate your fears and ensure a relaxed visit to the dentist's office. 

Why Choose Sedation Dentistry? 

For many individuals, dental anxiety can stem from various factors, such as a severe gag reflex, resistance to local anesthesia, or a general fear of dental procedures. These concerns should not prevent you from receiving the dental care you need. 

At Atencio Dentistry, our sedation dentistry services are specifically designed to address these issues. We recognize that each patient is unique, which is why we take the time to understand your specific concerns and tailor a personalized sedation plan to meet your needs and preferences. Whether you require mild sedation to take the edge off your nerves or deeper sedation for more extensive procedures, we have options available to ensure your comfort and relaxation throughout your visit. 

Comprehensive Sedation Options 

Choose from a range of sedation options to suit your comfort level and the complexity of your procedure: 

  • Inhaled Sedation: Ease mild to moderate anxiety quickly and effectively with nitrous oxide, commonly known as laughing gas. This safe and reliable option allows you to remain conscious and responsive while feeling deeply relaxed. 
  • Oral Sedation: Take a prescription pill before your appointment to induce a state of relaxation and calmness by the time you arrive at our office. Oral sedation is ideal for patients with moderate to severe dental anxiety or those undergoing lengthy procedures. 
  • IV Sedation: Receive sedation medication intravenously for rapid onset and precise control of your level of sedation. IV sedation is particularly beneficial for patients with extreme dental phobia or those undergoing complex treatments. 

Beyond Sedation: Compassionate Care

At Atencio Dentistry, our commitment to anxiety-free dental care extends beyond sedation. We prioritize your comfort, safety, and overall well-being with compassionate care, personalized treatment plans, and a welcoming atmosphere. From the moment you step into our office, you'll be greeted with warmth and understanding, ensuring that your dental experience is as pleasant and stress-free as possible. 

At Atencio Dentistry, we are dedicated to delivering unparalleled service and outcomes to everyone we serve. That's why we stand behind our treatments with a comprehensive Satisfaction Guarantee throughout your entire treatment journey. If for any reason you are dissatisfied with the care you receive from our team, we are fully committed to going above and beyond to ensure your satisfaction. This guarantee reflects our unwavering dedication to fulfilling our promise to you. 

Schedule Your Appointment Today 

Don't let dental anxiety hold you back from achieving the smile you deserve. Experience the difference of sedation dentistry at Atencio Dentistry. Schedule your appointment today and take the first step towards a happier, healthier smile! 


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